Miami Art Studio - Resin Painting Classes - Mixed Media Painting Classes -


The classes take place in my home studio and are one on one, just you and me

What you'll learn

HOW TO protect yourself while using resin; safety rules

HOW TO chose your brand of resin

HOW TO prepare room/space, painting surface and painting worktable

HOW TO calculate the amount of resin needed for a surface 

HOW TO apply/pour/paint with resin

HOW TO chose suitable surfaces for your projects

HOW TO mix in different types of pigments & media

HOW TO design your own artwork & use your own color choice

HOW TO clean up your artwork for a perfect finish look

HOW TO for ALL my secrets in creating special effects & the perfect finish



All materials used during class: wood panel, resin, pigments, miscellaneous

All protection gear needed and used during class: respirator, gloves, apron, shoes protection

All tools used during class: torches, blowers

Refreshments and snacks