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Large Turntable #1

Made to order resin and mixed media turntable
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Turntable 21"

Commission listings are for made to order pieces, these pieces are NOT made as we speak, I will make them for you as per your request.

All the photos in this listing are examples of various commissions I made in the past.


1. Due to the techniques used NO PIECE can be replicated therefore you can choose the examples as inspiration source, but your piece will NOT look exactly the same.

2. All pieces are hand painted one at the time, unique, original (not photographs or prints) and signed or stamped by the artist.

3. Please provide the specifics, if any, relating to your choice. (colors combination - please be as explicit as possible).


1. Please allow 2 weeks for commissions to be completed. Shipping time is 2 weeks from the date you place your order.

2. Updates concerning progress of commission will be sent - upon request - via messenger or e-mail.

3. Please keep in mind that whenever you choose an artist, you are also choosing them for their vision and work. I work best with creative license and interpretation. I never copy or try to replicate other artists work.


Only 50% refunds can be given once any commission has been booked, and only prior to me starting on your piece.

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