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Can’t quite find the perfect piece for that awkward space above the fireplace? Or maybe an artwork from my gallery has already caught your eye, but it’s not quite the right size or colour. 

Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered with commissions.

My seascapes and modern abstract paintings are designed to have a positive memorable impact on the viewer and if you are looking for a unique statement piece I think my art would be a perfect fit.

I am easy to work with and open minded and want you and your client to be happy for chosing me to be the artist creating the pieces for their space.

Therefore, if I don't already have a piece with the  size and color combo you are interested in for your project, I am right here at your service, available and open for new ideas, eager to fulfill your painting desires.

I can offer a personalised approach to your client's needs and budget. If you’re looking to commission artworks or would like a curated selection from my portofolio, or have specific delivery needs, I am here to help.

I offer a fair commission to interior designers who incorporate my artwork into their projects.

So, whether you are incorporating artwork to business premises or private homes in your projects, please fell free to contact me. I do not sell prints with my art, so every single piece is absolutely unique and will be the only one forever.

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