"True blue"

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Unique aerial ocean painting with white sand beach and frothy splashing waves, inspired by The Turks And Caicos Islands
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Brand: Ana Hefco Art

Aerial Ocean View White Sand Beach Ocean Painting inspired by The Turks And Caicos Islands

Resin and Mixed Media on canvas

Different shades of blue, turquoise, teal, aqua, beige and white

2 x 24" x 36"

This painting does not need to be framed, the painted image continues over the edges

* For details on how to commission a piece: https://www.peintureduhefco.com/commisions-made-to...

**Please understand while I make every effort to ensure that the picture show as close as the actual piece, some colors may appear slightly different in person due to lighting and screen settings variation.

Care instructions:
- To clean this piece of art and keep that glossy shine use a glass cleaner, spray it on and wipe and buff with a soft cloth that is gentle to the surface. The resin will not crack, but it can scratch, so please handle with care. Avoid touching the surface.
- Direct sunlight exposure can damage and may fade artwork!
- Do not place close to heating systems!

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