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Affiliate Links & Product Recommendations


I started to paint 7 years ago and after many experiments, fails, frustration, and expenses I figured out what works best and

makes the best purchase for the money I spend on art supplies.

From a rich and generous market with so many options, I now hand-pick every material that comes into my studio and on my painting table, and I am here to help you save time, energy, and money. 

If you are an artist painting with resin and you're curious about trying new pigments or painting surfaces or just not happy with the ones you are using now, or just thinking about starting to and putting together a list of safety items and must-haves to achieve those spectacular ocean waves paintings, I made a list with the materials I use and have in my studio at all times. 


I need to state that I only recommend products that I love and genuinely enjoy using because - let's be honest we all want to earn bit more - but being vertical and keeping one's integrity, dignity, and name intact is way more important.

I participate in a couple of Affiliate programs that allow me to earn money off of purchases you make through the links on my website at

no additional cost to you.

Important note:

I do not have access to any of your personal data when purchases are made through my affiliate links.

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